Experiential Learning Opportunities

There are a variety of experiential learning opportunities that are available while going abroad.

There are a variety of experiential learning opportunities that are available while going abroad.

General Considerations

Registration: your status will vary based on the type of opportunity you decide to opt for.

Funding: Funding may be available depending on the experience, either through the needs-based International Experience Award+ (IE Award+) for U of T-sanctioned activities or through the needs-based International Experience Award (IE Award) for exchange opportunities at CIE.

Safety Abroad: All students must register and complete Safety Abroad requirements.

Transfer Credit: Credit eligibility will mostly depend on the type of learning abroad opportunity you choose to opt for. Please make sure to consult your department/registrar prior to going abroad.

Placement opportunities abroad are available from time to time and offered either by the Centre for International Experience (CIE) or by other divisions at U of T, such as Tata Global InternshipsICICI Bank Internship Project in India. Conditions vary from opportunity to opportunity.

Please browse a list of professional opportunities.

Some partner institutions offer internship opportunities as part of an exchange program, including community-based opportunities.

The placement may be done either during or after the semester of your exchange, and you will most likely be combining course-work and experiential learning. This is the case for example for the NOC internship programme with the National University of Singapore.

Please browse a list of professional opportunities.

If you are interested in research placements, you will be able to find research opportunities at some host institutions, such as the Summer Research Exchange Program in Exchange Opportunities.

Please browse a list of research opportunities.

You will be able to find specific fellowships or scholarships offered by the CIE or other divisions at U of T to gain international professional experience, such as:

This is a great opportunity for students to gain practical and real-world global work experience, to develop projects in collaborations with NGOs, or to help organizations tackle challenging global problems. UTSC Management and UTSC Arts and Science Co-op, and Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op). Requirements differ per experience.

Please browse a list of opportunities for summer and semesters and search for “coop” or “PEY”.

Students who decide to pursue an experiential learning experience abroad (research, courses, or professional experience), that is organized, coordinated or supported by any division at UofT, may be able to apply to receive an IE+ award. Please make sure to check the IE+ eligibility and application instructions.

You can explore other funding opportunities and note experience-specific funding that is highlighted on individual experience pages and experience host websites.

To apply for experiential learning opportunities (research, professional, etc.), please follow the instructions from each individual opportunity. You can find all the experiential learning opportunities here. Please note that each experience page has its own requirements and instructions.

For experiential learning opportunities combined with exchange, such as NUS/NOC opportunities and Kwansei Gakuin Cross-Cultural College, please follow the exchange application (link to how to apply under exchange) instructions.