Centre for International Experience

You can now apply for International Experience (IE) Awards when you apply for a learning abroad program.

Please carefully read the information below before you begin working on your application.

For more information, please contact us at cie.funding@utoronto.ca.

Virtual exchanges and learning abroad opportunities are not eligible for financial assistance by the Centre for International Experience.

When applying for a CIE experience, you can opt to apply for an International Experience Award as well. International Experience (IE) Awards are assessed based on your financial needs.

These awards cannot cover the whole cost of your learning abroad experience but aim to support those in financial need with a contribution toward their return flight and some living costs (where applicable). Please remember to budget carefully and plan in advance to make the most of your experience!

IE awards are calculated based on your final destination, the duration of your stay, an average return airfare, and the difference in the cost of living between your destination and Toronto (where applicable).

Please note that CIE is able to grant only one award per student and per year, with a maximum of $8000 over two years.

Successful applicants under the Summer Research Program will receive funding to cover basic costs at the host institution. Funding is guaranteed for all students going under this program (up to $3,000).

When applying for SREP, applicants can opt to apply for an International Experience Award (see above). If your application is successful, the IE award will complement the fixed SREP award.

Please note that CIE is able to grant only one award per student and per year, with a maximum of $8000 over two years.

To apply for funding for an exchange organized through CIE, you only need to apply for your experience. You will be able to opt for funding at the end of the application form, so make sure you do!

Application deadlines for IE Awards follow the same application deadlines as the experience program you are applying to. Please make sure that you apply on time, or your application for both experience and funding may not be considered.

The Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) program, a funding opportunity to empower Canadian students, especially underrepresented students, to take advantage of international learning experiences and to develop skills such as problem-solving, adaptability, resilience, and intercultural competency.  Students will be selected and assessed for GSO based on their CIE funding application. Applicant’s eligibility is assessed through both needs and character-based criteria. Awarded amount will vary according to need. Eligible students will receive an invitation directly from the CIE Funding team.

As a key component of the Government of Canada’s International Education Strategy, the GSO program is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and is administered by Universities Canada.

For more information, please contact the CIE Funding team at cie.funding@utoronto.ca

International Experience (IE) Award+

(U of T-Sanctioned Learning Abroad Opportunities)

Students who decide to go on a learning abroad experience, such as research, courses, or professional experience, organized or coordinated by any division at UofT, will be able to be considered to receive an IE Award+.

These awards are based on financial needs and adhere to the same conditions as the International Experience (IE) Awards.

Please note that CIE is able to grant only one award per student and per year.


For your application to be considered, you must submit your application six weeks prior to your travel departure date.

Please note that the processing time for IE Awards+ applications takes up to six weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

IE Awards+ are not intended to cover program or tuition fees.

CIE exchange students are not eligible for this award, please refer to the International Experience (IE) Award section for further instructions.

Independent learning abroad experiences are not eligible.

Activities may include course work, research or (unpaid) professional experiences.

Only learning abroad experiences that are sanctioned by UofT are eligible. Experiences can be:

  • – officially recognized or supported by UofT for academic purposes (e.g. for credit, field trips as part of a course),
  • – officially recognized by UofT as a co-curricular activity (CCR), or
  • – part of a program supported or sponsored by UofT (e.g. Summer Abroad).

Independent Summer Programs are eligible for an IE Award+ as long as you have received pre-approval from your academic division with either a transfer credit pre-assessment or a Letter of Permission (LOP). Please consult your academic division for more information on their respective policies and practices.

IE Awards+ are calculated based on financial needs, the duration of the experience, and the destination country.

They are not intended to cover 100% of the cost of your learning abroad experience.

IE Awards+ are limited to a maximum of $8000 over two years. If you have received funding from CIE in the past year, this may limit your eligibility to receive funding this year.

Long term experiences are conducted over a full term or so. IE Awards+ are calculated by CIE.

IE Awards for short term experiences (usually a few weeks) will be calculated based on the estimated budget as provided by the managing program at UofT.

If you are eligible to receive an IE Award+ (you must have received a notification email from CIE), you will need to (please send appropriate documents to cie.funding@utoronto.ca):

– Complete the Safety Abroad requirements prior to your travel departure date.

– Prove enrollment in your learning abroad opportunity (e.g. admission letter).

– Send a Confirmation of Arrival (PDF) once on-site to confirm your actual participation in the program you are applying for.

IE Awards+ are paid only if and when all pre-departure requirements above are completed. Failure to complete all steps prior to departure may lead to the cancellation of the award.

IE Awards+ will be paid to your personal bank account. Please make sure you set up Direct Deposit on Acorn.

It is likely that IE Awards+ will not be paid prior to your departure date. If your experience is short, you may receive your IE Award once you have come back to Toronto.