2024-2025 Student Exchange Program Fact Sheet

The University of Toronto is a global leader in research and teaching. We provide diverse and extensive areas of study organized around smaller, intimate learning communities. That is what creates an exceptional learning environment for our students. One university, three campuses, 90,000+ enrolled students from 160+ countries, 14,000+ faculty, 7,000+ staff, over 800+ student clubs, and the 3rd largest library system in North America.

University of Toronto – St. George (UTSG) Campus

St. George Campus
University of Toronto St George campus (UTSG)

About St. George Campus

Set in the centre of Toronto, one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse cities, it is a place where students, staff and faculty engage with a vibrant academic life and countless co-curricular activities. Life and learning takes place at many innovative landmarks across campus. Experience the treasures in the 1970s larger-than-life Robarts Library or conduct some cyber-sleuthing at the Citizen Lab. Students have access to some of the world’s leading minds. After all, ten Nobel Laureates have taught, or were students themselves, on this very campus.


Accommodation is not guaranteed for exchange students at the St George campus. Housing Services offers assistance and advice to all students on housing-related matters. They can assist with finding on-campus and off-campus accommodations after admission as an exchange student.

Faculty and Courses

Details on the courses for each Faculty as well as information on the restricted programs are available on our website. Course registration is confirmed after students are admitted to U of T.

*Programs with limited capacity: Computer Science and Rotman Commerce.

Campus Life and Facilities

University of Toronto – Scarborough (UTSC) Campus

Scarborough Campus
University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)

About Scarborough Campus

Experiential education is the hallmark of the UTSC campus.  Students get a head start on their futures through hands-on research, community engagement and a vibrant campus life. Located next to popular natural landmarks in Toronto’s greenest area, the UTSC campus is experiencing dynamic growth. The new Aquatics Centre and Field House represents Canada’s largest investment in amateur sport infrastructure, opened in 2015 for the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.


UTSC Student Residence provides 765 self-catered spaces on-campus to both international and domestic students.  Students generally live in their own room with shared cooking and common areas, either in the Townhouses or Joan Foley Hall (apartment-style).  The application process is very competitive and places are not guaranteed for students coming during Fall and/or Winter.

Programs and Courses of Special Interest

UTSC offers standard Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Management programs (English literature, Statistics, Economics, etc.), but also some interesting and unique programs listed below.

Restricted Programs: The Co-op (work placement) program and any Joint Program courses taught at Centennial College (Paramedicine, Journalism, New Media Studies) are not available to exchange students.

Programs with limited capacity: please refer to the UTSC website.

Campus Life and Facilities Links

University of Toronto – Mississauga (UTM) Campus

Mississauga Campus
University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM)

About Mississauga (UTM)

UTM features 15 academic departments, 148 programs, and 89 areas of study, offering undergraduate and interdisciplinary graduate studies programs. The campus also boasts a vibrant research environment and many of its faculty and researchers are recognized internationally for their innovative work. UTM’s facilities are situated on 225 acres of protected greenbelt along the Credit River, with direct shuttle bus service to and from St. George campus.


UTM Residence offers a variety of on-campus accommodation options. The application process is very competitive and places are not guaranteed for students coming during Fall and/or Winter. However, students coming to UTM in the summer are guaranteed a spot in Residence. See housing information on the UTM website.

Programs and Courses of Special interest

Along with standard Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Management programs UTM offers some unique programs listed below.

UTM also offers a unique research program for undergraduate exchange students, the Research Opportunity Program (ROP). The ROP runs from mid-May to mid-August over the summer and during the academic year (Fall, Winter + Full Year). In addition, there are a large number of experiential learning opportunities available on the UTM campus).

Restricted Programs: Some programs in Visual Arts and CCIT have courses offered at Sheridan College that have limited capacity for hosting exchange students. Management courses are also extremely competitive and difficult for exchange students to enroll in.

Campus Life and Facilities Links

Other Important Information

Visa Requirements

Depending on the country, students might need an entry visa or a study permit. For detailed information, please check our website and refer to the CIC website.

Language Requirements

The official language of instruction at the University of Toronto (U of T) is English. As a part of the exchange requirement, you need to provide proof of English language proficiency unless you meet the requirements for an English language test exemption. For more information on test scores and exemption requirements please visit our website.

Academic Requirements, Eligibility, and Restrictions

Academic requirements differ per faculty and vary based on the agreement with the partner institution. To find out the eligibility, requirements, and program restrictions that pertain to your home institution please visit our website.

Grading Scale and Course Load

For information on the U of T grading scale, please refer to the Guide for Reading a Transcript.

Full course load: 2.5 credits per semester.

Living Expenses and Financial Requirements

Estimated Cost of Living Per Month (CAD)

ExpenseSt. George CampusMississauga CampusScarborough Campus
Housing $1,200 – $2,700$1,200 – $2,700$1,200 – $2,700
Utilities (heat, electricity and water – if not included with your rent)$50 – $100$50 – $100$50 – $100
Tenant’s Insurance$15 – $30$15 – $30$15 – $30
Food & Groceries$160 – $400$160 – $400$160 – $400
Phone & Internet$50 – $150$50 – $150$50 – $150
Public TransportationTTC: $143.00MiWay: $131TTC: $143.00
Health Insurance (REQUIRED)*UHIP: $63UHIP: $63UHIP: $63
Books & Education Supplies$125 – $250$125 – $250$125 – $250
Entertainment & Others$150 – $250$150 – $250$150 – $250
Emergency Funds$500$500$500

*For more information regarding the mandatory University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) while studying at the University of Toronto (U of T) please visit our website here under “Pay for Your Health Insurance (UHIP).


Fall: early September to late December

Winter:  Early January to late April

Summer (if available and approved): May to June and July to August

Holidays: Winter break – late December to early January

Minimum length of exchange: One semester

Maximum length of exchange: Two semesters

Students should arrive one week before class starts.

Nomination and Application Deadlines and Process

The partner nomination and application process for the three campuses is centrally administered through the Centre for International Experience (CIE).

  • Partner institutions must nominate students to one of the three campuses through the Mobility Online portal.
  • Nominated students must complete the online exchange application in the Mobility Online portal.
  • Course registration is confirmed after students are admitted to U of T.
TermUndergraduate + LAWGraduate
Fall and Full YearApril 1stMarch 1st
WinterApril 1stMarch 1st

Support and Resources Available to International Students

In addition to Learning Abroad programs, the Centre for International Experience (CIE) offers a variety of services and support to international students including exchange students: University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), Immigration services, International Language Exchange programs, International Student Experience Ambassador Program, Intercultural Learning Program and more. A team of transition advisors is available to bring any non-academic support to exchange students. To learn more about the services available please visit our website.

Accessibility Services

We encourage you to contact our Inbound team as early as possible to inquire about academic accommodation that are available to students. Due to the documentation required for the disability, the process must be started at least 2 months before the arrival date to ensure that the appropriate academic accommodation is in place. Students must be registered with U of T Accessibility Services in order to receive academic accommodation, while on exchange. For more information please visit our page under “Register with Accessibility Services”.


Exchange students coming to the University of Toronto (U of  T) from partner institutions can be eligible for scholarships. For more information on various scholarships available to incoming exchange students please visit our Scholarships page.

Research Opportunities for Graduate Students

Students wishing to be involved in research activities will be admitted under the International Visiting Graduate Students program (IVGS) at the School of Graduate Studies (SGS.) Admission to this program is on a rolling basis, with a fee. However, if you choose to use exchange spots for research students, fees will be waived. Exchange research students must apply by the deadline corresponding to the exchange period they wish to come to U of T. Students must submit an IVGS application to SGS and an exchange application through our Mobility Online portal. Their research at U of  T must follow academic terms as closely as possible. For more information please visit our website under “International Visiting Graduate Student (IVGS)”.


Mailing Address
Attn: Learning and Safety Abroad
Centre for International Experience, University of Toronto
33 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2E3 Canada

Learning & Safety Abroad TeamContact Name and EmailTelephone
Students from partner institutions coming to UofT
Hyojin Cho
Lynne Wan
Shachar Kessler
+1 (416) 978-5324
Outbound (Fall, Full Years, Winter)  
UofT students going abroad
Haruna Murota (Asia & Oceania)
Heather Bruce (Africa & The Americas)
Madina Bulat (UK & Europe)
+1 (416) 946-5479
+1 (416) 946-3739
Outbound Summer Research Exchange Program (SREP)
Undergraduate UofT students going on SREP opportunities
Madina Bulat
Partnership matters, including agreements, partner visit and quota
Mutiara (Tiara) Samosir
Director, Learning & Safety AbroadMahvish Wesley
+1 (416) 978-5645