Learning Abroad

As U of T students, you have access to Study, Research and Professional experiences abroad. We are committed to enabling global learning for all students. You also have access to increased, needs-based funding to facilitate your experience abroad. Explore your opportunities today.

There is so much to learn beyond the classroom and going on exchange with the Centre for International Experience will give you the opportunity to choose from a selection of about 170 international institutions around the globe. These exchange opportunities provide both undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to take core or elective courses at any of our partner institutions, as non-degree students.

No matter where or for how long you go, learning abroad will shape you and how you see and relate to the world. Gain exposure to different cultures, backgrounds, and forms of teaching.

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How to Start Your Adventure


Considerations prior to going abroad, like: when to go, what funding options may be available, researching housing options, health and safety requirements, and any intercultural learning programs to be aware of.


The application process for Learning Abroad opportunities will vary depending on the opportunity you choose. Before you apply, you should ensure your eligibility and prepare all required documents beforehand.

Before You Leave

To kick-start your preparation, here are a few things to remember to get done before you leave!

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