UTSC Management Coop

UTSC Management Coop is an enriched Program that combines academic studies with work experience in public and private enterprises. Depending on their interests and abilities, students work in areas such as accounting, public administration, auditing, communications, economic development, finance, human resources/personnel, information systems, marketing, policy and strategic planning.


Country(ies): Multiple destinations
City: Multiple destinations
Institution: Industry/Corporation


Accepting Applications: Yes
Timeline: Any time
Run By: CIE
For Credit: Yes


Language of Study: Various
Level of Study: Undergrad
Subjects Available at Host: Management (UTSC)
Program Type: Professional/Internship
Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to UofT
Program Fees: Co-op fees and monthly living costs
Funding: No


Schools/Faculties: Arts and Science (UTSC)
Requirements: Minimum CGPA of 2.5.