Exchange: Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University Campus

Zhejiang University (ZJU) is one of China’s top higher education institutions, as well as one of its oldest; its roots can be traced back to 1897 and the founding of the Qiushi Academy. The University prides itself on a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. ZJU researchers are making an impact across many priority areas that address global […]

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Exchange: Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) was launched in the tech capital of Shenzhen and is governed by Guangdong Province. In seven short years, SUSTech is becoming the important epicentre for China’s science and technology academic research and for the cultivation of innovative minds. Located in the dynamic metropolis of Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley. As […]

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Exchange: Shanghai University

Shanghai University is a member university of the national project 211 and a research-intensive comprehensive university. SHU is known for its vigorous international exchanges and cooperation. It has established academic links and cooperation with dozens of foreign universities. Over 3,000 international students are studying on SHU campuses. Credit Equivalency: 30 Credits = 5.0 UofT FCE Available Courses […]

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Summer Research Exchange: Southern University of Science and Technology

Located in the Nanshen district of Shenzhen, SUSTech, is a public university with the vision to excel in interdisciplinary research, to nurture innovative talents and to deliver new knowledge to the world. Comprised of 29 different academic programs, the university takes pride in offering an outstanding faculty trained globally to support academic research that has impact and […]

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Independent Summer Program: Shanghai Jiao Tong University


This is an independent learning abroad experience that you are about to undertake. Here are the instructions that you should follow: Transfer Credits: In terms of qualifying for and receiving academic credits, it is your responsibility to consult with your home faculty and follow their transfer credit procedures for independent summer programs. There may be […]

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Rija Saleem

Winters Beyond Borders Program at Sookmyung University As an aspiring educator, I was able to gain teaching experience in Beijing, helping me become a better teacher, and learn about the field of education. Personally, I became a more adaptable, open-minded, optimistic and happy person. Going abroad helped me truly understand that the world is infinite […]

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Brenna Hamel

For how long did you stay abroad? 10 months Why did you choose to learn abroad? I chose to learn abroad initially for professional development reasons and the opportunity to travel and live in a culture that I have never encountered before. You will discover more about yourself from one year abroad than you would […]

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Exchange: Beihang University

Beihang University (BUAA) is China’s first university of aerospace technology, combining disciplines in science, engineering, liberal arts, law, economics, management and education. BUAA offers some bachelor, international master and doctoral programs in English. Students in the past have taken courses at BUAA in Aeronautics, Mechanical Engineering, and East Asian studies. Please note that access to graduate […]

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Exchange: Fudan University


Fudan consists of 29 schools and departments, with seventy undergraduate disciplines. The University confers bachelor’s degrees in seventy academic disciplines, and master’s degrees in two hundred and twenty five disciplines. Students have taken courses here on the Chinese language, East Asian studies, and Economics. Credit Equivalency: 30 Credits = 5.0 UofT FCE Available Courses in […]

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