What Can I Study?

Before beginning to determine which U of T faculty is the best fit for your intended studies, please review the English language requirements for exchange at U of T.

What you can study while on exchange at U of T largely depends on which faculty you are admitted to. Below you will find details about eligibility, academic options and restrictions, and application requirements by U of T faculty. All graduate-level exchange students should be nominated to the School of Graduate Studies.

What Can I Study?

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Loughborough University

Country: England

Level(s) of Study: Undergraduate, Graduate

At the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, we develop advance and disseminate knowledge about physical activity, health and their interactions through education, research, leadership and the provision of opportunity.


St. George


CIE Inbound Exchange



2.25 CGPA


Restricted Courses
1st year (100-level) courses
KPE282H1 – Physical Activity and Exercise Applications
KPE329H1 – Developing Physical Literacy Foundations in the Early Years
KPE331H1 – Sport Analytics Game Theory and Tactics
KPE355Y1 – Interpersonal Theory in Kinesiology and Physical Education
KPE434H1 – Advanced Adapted Physical Activity
KPE455Y1 – Kinesiology and Physical Education in Society

Courses with limited capacity
KPE366H1 – Ergonomics
KPE423H1 – Theory of Dance Performance
KPE461H1 – Speed and Power
KPE390Y/490Y/495H – Research courses: please contact us


After you have been nominated by your home institution, you will be invited to apply for exchange at U of T via our Mobility Online portal. The Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education requires the following documents:

Student applicants must submit:

* All student documents must be submitted in PDF (Word or other forms will not be accepted).

  1. Statement of interest (1-2 pages)
  2. Course descriptions: A typed chart/list that briefly details all post-secondary courses you have/will complete before coming to the University of Toronto. The chart/list should include course titles and a short description or list of the main topics covered in each course (copying and pasting from a course calendar/syllabus is fine).


Partner institution staff must submit:

* All partner documents must be submitted in PDF (Word or other forms will not be accepted).

  • Academic transcripts of all previous post-secondary study
  • English language test, if applicable: Please refer to our English language requirement page for details.