Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

U of T Engineering is a thriving community that provides unparalleled experiential learning opportunities and produces some of the world’s most innovative engineering research. The Faculty is Canada’s top engineering school and among the world’s best across international rankings.

Exchange students admitted to U of T Engineering may take courses from any of the Faculty’s programs


At the University of Toronto, computer science courses and computer engineering courses are taught in separate faculties. Exchange students interested in studying computer science or computer engineering at U of T need to decide which of the following faculties best suits their interests, based on course access:

Option 1: Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

  • Access to engineering courses in the Faculty’s programs listed above provided space is available and the pre-requisite requirements are met.
  • Possible limited access to Arts & Science courses:
    • Students may request to enrol in up to two Faculty of Arts & Science courses per term; however, many Arts & Science courses, including chemistry, physics, statistics and computer science courses, are restricted to engineering exchange students. A list of restricted Arts & Science courses is made available in June each year.
    • Engineering students do not receive enrolment priority for Arts & Science courses. Arts & Science courses may be full by the time engineering exchange students can enrol.
    • Because of the aforementioned restrictions, engineering exchange students should expect to take the majority of their courses within U of T Engineering.
  • Required to enrol in a minimum of four courses. A maximum of five courses may be taken per term.
  • Courses are only offered on the St. George campus.

Option 2: Faculty of Arts & Science

  • Access to the Faculty of Arts & Science’s Computer Science (CSC) courses, as well as many other courses in Arts & Science (some restrictions apply).
  • No access to U of T Engineering courses, including courses in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.
  • Required to enrol in a minimum of three courses. A maximum of five courses may be taken per term.
  • Choose from one of the three campuses: St. GeorgeMississauga and Scarborough

The above option is only available if your institution has a university-wide agreement that includes the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering and the Faculty of Arts & Science. Please check with your exchange office before you apply. If your institution’s exchange agreement is only with one of the Faculties, this option is not available to you. This applies to undergraduate and graduate studies.