What are the specific skills that you learned or developed?

  • Learned to survive with fewer possessions
  • Learned to be content eating vegetarian (Swiss meat is $$$)
  • Learned a lick of German
  • Learned the consequences of mistaking a non-Schengen country with one in the pact

What benefits did you get from the experience?

Mostly personal. First time being completely isolated from my family and friends (in Toronto) really matured me. Also vastly expanded my world view

I got to mountain bike with one of my co-workers and he invited me to ski with him every weekend. 

Peter Wen
Peter Wen
Peter Wen

Please, name 2 challenges that you faced and how you overcame them in your experience.

Loneliness and isolation from friends and family – cooked foods from home, hung out with coworkers, and joined a football club

Sense of not belonging – didn’t overcome this one except by coming back

I was able to pop over to Rome and Italy on two hours of the train.

Would you recommend learning abroad to a friend? Why?

Yes. Huge opportunity for personal growth, and University is the best chance to do it