3 Reasons to Go Abroad

No matter where or for how long you go, learning abroad will shape you and how you see and relate to the world. Gain exposure to different cultures, backgrounds, and forms of teaching.

Academic advantage

Most students don’t view their education in the same way after going abroad – check out this video from Emily Wong. Expand your horizons by experiencing a different academic environment, connecting with students and professors with diverse backgrounds and engaging in enriching discussions. You will develop your soft skills while boosting your academic profile.

Experiencing different styles of education will enhance learning quality and will expose you to fresh perspectives – be it an elective, a research project or a core course.

  “Turn the world into your classroom!

“By embracing and experiencing a new culture first-hand, you will change the way you think, developing a sophisticated understanding of our complex world.

Global advantage

There is so much to learn beyond the classroom. Global competence isn’t just a buzz word. It is a set of skills necessary to navigate and succeed in today’s interconnected context. A learning experience abroad will provide you with an appreciation of diversity and the ability to connect and work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. As you learn to navigate and live out of your comfort zone, you will also become more independent and self-confident.

Check out what Ashley has to say about how living abroad changed her perspectives in this video. Live beyond your borders!

Professional advantage

Businesses are now global, economies are interconnected, and international experience is increasingly necessary to be on top of the game. Such experience not only tells about your academic achievements, but about your determination and employ-ability skills. Indeed, surveys show that 83% of Canadian hiring managers affirm that employees who have cross-cultural knowledge and an understanding of the global marketplace are more competitive.

Check out what Sam Levy has to say about it in this videoGrow your international network, and be prepared to explore (and have fun)! 

“Learning abroad will give you a professional edge and can open career opportunities you had not previously considered.