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From biogas to vaccines, U of T students collaborate across time zones through ‘Global Classrooms’ initiative

April 13, 2022

Every Friday, four students from the University of Toronto hop on a Zoom call with students in Nigeria to share updates on their joint mission: building a low-cost biogas generator for remote communities in Africa’s most populous country.

From Toronto to Mexico: Munk One students in the Global Classroom

December 20, 2022

What lessons have COVID-19 taught us? For Munk One students who participate in U of T’s Global Classrooms module, the pandemic has meant working cross-culturally and creatively on issues that have local implications and global reach during a time when the world has been turned on its head.  

Munk School professor turns local classroom global

November 19, 2020

In the wake of COVID-19, the landscape of university education has undergone a dramatic shift. Although studying abroad and international trips might be off for the time being, one group of students at the Munk School is going global with their learning from home. Munk One students and fourth-year undergraduate students at the Universidad Católica de La Plata came together to collaborate in a global classroom led by Professor Teresa Kramarz, director of the Munk One program and co-director of the Munk School’s Environmental Governance Lab, and Professor Sebastian Baglioni at the Universidad Católica de La Plata. Together, students joined forces virtually to research the impacts of COVID-19 on Toronto and La Plata.

virtual field trips

Virtual field trips, digital labs and global colleagues: U of T students to explore the world this fall

July 27, 2020

Virtual field trips that take geology students from the Bonnechere Caves to Potholes Provincial Park, Niagara Falls and Halfway Log Dump Bay. Digital labs that allow biomedical engineering students to observe their experiments at a nano-level. And partnerships with students in Mexico that explore the impact of COVID-19 on food security and trust in government.

Metcalfe IGC conference

A global approach to sustainable cities engineering

March 27, 2019

Tokyo is currently the largest city in the world but by 2050 it may drop to seventh place, surpassed by fast-growing cities such as Kinshasa and Lagos. For Murray Metcalfe (MIE) this explosive growth presents both a challenge and an opportunity for engineers.

Teresa Kramarz

Innovations in teaching: Teresa Kramarz wants to bring the world to the classroom

June 20, 2016

“I have a thousand ideas,” says Teresa Kramarz. “And thanks to this fellowship, I now have the time to pursue one of them.”

Publications & Research

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