New to Global Classrooms

We’re here to help. Globalizing your classroom can sometimes seem like an intimidating task, requiring time and effort that have to fit into your already busy schedule. You may also have concerns about technological requirements, partnership development, or students.

Why Global Classrooms? What are the benefits?

Benefits to Students

  • Engage with global views 
  • Build intercultural skills and knowledge 
  • Increase motivation and engagement 

Benefits to Instructors

  • Build closer ties with faculty and colleagues overseas 
  • Establish new connections and open more research possibilities 
  • Increase student engagement and discussion 

Benefits for Institutions & Departments

  • Further internationalize course offerings 
  • Establish the groundwork for deeper partnerships and agreements 
  • Increase student access to global learning 

You don’t need specialized technical knowledge to develop a Global Classroom! Using existing supports and resources, along with the Global Classroom Toolkit and the knowledge you probably already have from developing online courses at the last minute, you will likely find that the technical knowledge needed is not as advanced as originally thought. 

Technical Considerations

Toolkit and Resources

The funding and support available will differ for each faculty and department. Please connect with your academic unit to see what funding opportunities are available for your Global Classroom project.

For details on funding opportunities, please visit the Global Classroom Funding Initiative section.

Funding Considerations

GC Development and Administrative Support

The need for a partnership agreement depends on the nature of your GC activity. You likely won’t need an MOU or partnership agreement for most Global Classrooms. We’re happy to talk this through with you. 

Partner Collaboration

Feel Free to Reach Out to Us To Discuss Potential Partnerships

The Learning and Safety Abroad team at CIE is here to guide you in the development of your Global Classroom. Please contact us at for more information and to set up a conversation. We look forward to connecting!