Summer Research Exchange: National Taiwan University

Nestled amongst tall palm trees, National Taiwan University (NTU) is Taiwan’s oldest and perhaps most respected university. NTU is centrally located in Taipei, with easy access to the MRT (subway) system at the university’s main gates. You can visit Drunken Moon Lake in the middle of the campus, explore Taipei’s lively nightlife and night markets, or climb the nearby Elephant Mountain for views overlooking the Taipei skyline. View a video introduction of NTU here.

Summer students at this established research university can apply for research topics in various fields such as social sciences, life sciences and humanities.

Summer Research Credit

Arts & Science (St. George/UTM/UTSC) or Daniels: Students must enroll in an Independent Research (or similar) course in the equivalent department at U of T. There will be no transcript issued by the host institution. Students must have completed 3+ years of study before the exchange. 

Applied Science and Engineering: Students may pursue research on a not-for-credit basis. Students will pay incidental fees but no tuition fee with this option. Students can apply the summer research hours towards their practical experience requirement. There will be no transcript issued by the host institution.

Research Projects: +R4 Summer Intensive Research Program

Interested in combining research and cultural program? Please the Summer School options at National Taiwan University.

Housing: On-campus housing available

Learn more about the Summer Research Exchange Program.


Country(ies): Taiwan
City: Taipei
Institution: University


Accepting Applications: No
Timeline: 8 weeks
Run By: CIE
For Credit: Varies

Deadlines: Summer deadline: December 4, 2023


Language of Study: English
Level of Study: Undergrad
Subjects Available at Host: All
Program Type: Research
Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to UofT
Program Fees: Application fee
Funding: $3000 + Possibility of IE Award OR Globalink Research Award


Schools/Faculties: All
Requirements: Minimum cGPA 2.7 and 1+ years of study completed (engineering) or 3+ years of study completed (UTSG, UTM, UTSC)