Summer Research Exchange: Goethe University of Frankfurt

Goethe University Frankfurt, positioned among the top international research universities, offers a wide variety of academic programs, a diverse group of research institutes, and a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex problems.

Summer Research Credit

Credit Equivalency: 60 Credits = 5.0 UofT FCE. Students can complete 12-18 ECTS depending on the project (1.0 – 1.5 FCE UofT). Some students may choose a UofT credit, please see the information below.

Available for Arts & Science (St. George/UTM/UTSC) or Daniels: There are 2 options for credit. Please indicate which option you are pursuing in the Study Plan section of the Learning Abroad application. (1) Students can complete 12-18 ECTS while abroad and receive transfer credits. (2) Students may enroll in a UofT course while on exchange and obtain credit for this research experience. Possible UofT courses: PCL397, HMB397, CHMXX. Students interested in enrolling in a UofT research course, should indicate their preferred course code in the Study Plan.

Research projects 2024:

  1. Cardio Pulmonary Institute (CPI).
    Within the field of molecular and translational medicine, students can conduct research in cardiology, oncology, neuroscience and drug research at the existing research project Cardio Pulmonary Institute (CPI).
    Within the field of biomedical sciences and technologies, students can develop new therapeutic approaches for complex diseases at the new research project EMTHERA.
  3. SCALE
    Within the field of cell biology, biophysics, molecular biology, neurobiology, chemistry, bioinformatics and mathematics, students can conduct interdisciplinary research on subcellular architecture and cell behavior at the new research project SCALE.
    Within the field of theoretical physics and astro-physics, students can conduct research on heavy elements in the universe, neutron stars, kilonovas and gravitational waves at the new research project ELEMENTS.
  5. ConTrust
    Within the field of social sciences and media studies students can conduct interdisciplinary research on social conflicts and the question of trust in relation to peacemaking at the new research cluster ConTrust.
  6. DynRel
    Within in the field of humanities and religious studies, students can conduct interdisciplinary research on the relations and perceptions between the three monotheistic religions “Judaism,” “Christianity” and “Islam” in historical and contemporary global contexts at the research project DynRel.
  7. RobustNature
    Within the field of sustainability and biodiversity students can conduct research on environmental pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change at the research project RobustNature.

For further information please refer to our GREP website and Project database.

In addition, students may take a German language course prior or during their research exchange. The language course is not not transferable (no transfer credits).

Housing: Private rooms available for students whose exchange is a minimum of 3 months. Students whose exchange last less than 3 months (8-12 weeks), will have shared rooms.

Application Requirements: CV, Motivation Letter, Academic Transcript (unofficial), and list of preferred supervisors are required for this experience by the time of the application. Please see the project descriptions for further information. Upload the documents to Mobility Online Portal as one PDF document by December 4, 2023.


Country(ies): Germany
City: Frankfurt
Institution: University


Accepting Applications: No
Timeline: 8-16 weeks, May-August
Run By: CIE
For Credit: Yes

Deadlines: Summer: December 4, 2023


Language of Study: English
Level of Study: Undergrad
Subjects Available at Host: All
Program Type: Research
Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to UofT
Program Fees: No fee
Funding: $3000 + Possibility of IE Award OR Globalink Research Award OR Host Funding


Schools/Faculties: All
Requirements: Minimum CGPA: 2.25