Exchange: University Grenoble Alpes

The Community of universities and higher education institutions Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes (Communauté UGA) extends throughout the Alpine corridor from Valence to Annecy. It has one of the largest student bodies in France, offering courses in every discipline. Grenoble, the largest urban area in the French Alps, boasts a unique mountain setting, and through the centuries has made its marks as a pioneering city open to the world. Out of this tremendous human melting pot has emerged an economy that draws its strength from close ties between industry, university and research.

The following institutions are part of the Communauté UGA:

Université Grenoble Alpes (multidisciplinary)

Grenoble Institute of Technology (Engineering)

Université Savoie Mont Blanc (multidisciplinary)

Sciences Po Grenoble (Social and political Sciences)

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Grenoble – ENSAG (Architecture)


Credit Equivalency: 60 Credits = 5.0 UofT FCE

Available Courses:

Université Grenoble Alpes (multidisciplinary)

Grenoble INP (engineering)

Université Savoie Mont Blanc (multidisciplinary)

Sciences Po Grenoble (political and social sciences)

– ENSAG (architecture)

Restricted Programs: Medicine, Archeology, Veterinary Studies

Housing: On-campus housing is not guaranteed. Please find more information here.

Subjects Available at Host: All

Program Type: Study

Accepting Applications: Yes

Fall/Full Year Deadline: January 14, 2021
Winter Deadline: April 1, 2021

Timeline: Fall (Sep-Dec), Winter (Jan-May), Year-long (Sep-May)

Country: France

City: Grenoble

Institution: University

Language of Study: English, French

Level of Study: Undergrad, Graduate

Credit: Yes

Open to Programs at UofT: All

Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to UofT

Program Fees: No fee

Funding: IE Award

Eligibility Requirements: Minimum CGPA: 2.25 Language Requriement: depending on course selection, French B1 or B2 may be required