Rachel Chiong

Why did you choose to learn abroad? I knew deep down that this experience would change my life. I learned to be more open to criticism, not to misplace my confidence, always take the meticulous, mundane steps to be adequately prepared, and above all be thankful that my professor, lab partner, and classmates were patient […]

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Sam Inglis

For how long did you stay abroad? 5 weeks each time Why did you choose to learn abroad? I live at home while attending school at UTM, so I really wanted an international experience that could be both academically beneficial as well as an overall amazing personal opportunity. When you do a program like this, most of […]

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Jennifer Liu

What are the specific skills that you learned or developed? Time management: it was important to be on time to do group activities. Planning: we got to plan a day on our own in Paris and I was in charge of organizing our route and activities. Personal Skills: you must quickly adapt to a new […]

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Emily Tsui

International Course Module in the Republic of Georgia I chose to learn abroad to experience what conducting field research was like. Given the limited amount of English language sources on the topic of European Union-Georgia energy relations, it was also necessary for the purposes of my research to conduct in person interviews with experts. I […]

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Hilary Hager

For how long did you stay abroad? 4 weeks, between July and August Why did you choose to learn abroad? I had always wanted to return to Germany, I’d been once before on a high school trip, and because I was also working to complete a German language minor, I thought the course would be […]

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