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Examples at U of T

Elham Marzi – InVEST

The InVEST project staff facilitate initial matchmaking between UofT students and faculty and counterparts at international universities, enable quality virtual interactions between team members, and offer value-added opportunities for student teams to learn about effective teamwork strategies, intercultural understanding and communication and other pertinent topics that prepare them for work in the increasingly globalized and distributed engineering landscape.

UTCrst_Stacked_655_transparentGlobal Classrooms Webinar

Recording of the webinar, Global Classrooms: Enabling Rich Reciprocal International Learning, hosted in collaboration with Online Learning Strategies (OLS), the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI), and the Centre for International Experience.


Sarfaroz Niyozov, Mary Drinkwater – OISE

A course outline for CIE 1006: Democracy, Human Rights and Democratic Education in an Era of Globalization offered by Comparative, International & Development Education Centre (CIDEC- OISE).

Rahim Rezaie – EESC-A

Engineering Education for Sustainable Cities in Africa (EESC-A) is a cross-disciplinary research program within the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto (UofT) working across multiple dimensions – urban issues, sustainability, climate change, Global South and Global North, and existing versus new forms of university level pedagogy – including the use of information and communication technologies to enhance engineering education.

Global Classrooms Elsewhere

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    Collaborative Online International Learning – SUNY

    The State University of New York’s (SUNY) Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is focused on a methodology which provides cost-effective internationalization strategies. Such programs foster faculty and student interaction with peers abroad through co-taught multicultural online and blended learning environments emphasizing experiential student collaboration.

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    The Global Class – Durham College

    Durham College students in Lon Appleby’s class, “A Short History of the World” participate in a virtual classroom that allows them to interact with and learn from students and experts from around the world. His hope is that the walls of the classroom will disappear and students from diverse backgrounds can feel as though they are sitting down together for a chat.

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    International Classroom Project – University of Groningen

    This guide to curriculum internationalization from the University of Groningen includes multiple examples of pilot case studies, as well as resources and conceptual frameworks. The examples include those from infrastructure, medicine, and science & engineering.

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    Global Classroom – Linnaeus University

    This virtual mobility project at Linnaeus University in the Netherlands, aimed to integrate international networking and collaboration into all courses at Linnaeus. The website also includes examples of internationalization in Linnaeus courses, as well as resources such as self-assessment grids and virtual mobility tools.

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