Exchange: Waseda University

Since its establishment back in the late 19th Century, Waseda University strives to nurture brilliant leaders capable of taking a leading role in a global society. Waseda is a university with a dynamic movement towards the evolution of a global institution, offering precious experiences and memories unattainable anywhere else. Students have taken courses here in East Asian Studies, International Relations, and Commerce. Check out their E-brochure and promotional video.


Credit Equivalency: 20 Credits = 5.0 UofT FCE

Available Courses

Available Courses in English

Restricted Programs

Housing: On-campus housing is not guaranteed, but the host institution will assist in securing housing. Please find more information here.

Subjects Available at Host: All

Program Type: Study

Accepting Applications: Yes

Fall/Full-Year Deadline: December 3, 2020
Winter Deadline: April 1, 2021

Timeline: Fall (Sep-Feb), Winter (Apr-Aug), Year-long (Sep-Aug)

Country: Japan

City: Tokyo

Institution: University

Language of Study: English, Japanese

Level of Study: Undergrad, Graduate

Credit: Yes

Open to Programs at UofT: All

Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to UofT

Program Fees: No fee

Funding: IE Award, JASSO and Funding From Host Institution (For students planning to enter Japanse Language Program(JLP))

Eligibility Requirements: Minimum CGPA: 3.0 (SILS); 2.25 (Commerce) Language Requirement: depending on course selection, Japanese JLPT N1 may be required