UTM Abroad Academic Experiences: Italy

This course describes the history of food in Italy, throughout the centuries. The course will chart the regional diversity of Italian food and examine various factors (early settlers, wars, migratory trends) that have shaped Italian culinary traditions. Students will also have the opportunity to investigate and explore their own (Italian or otherwise) culinary practices.

As part of this course, you will travel through Italy savoring its world-renowned dishes and learning how to make pasta alongside your classmates and Professor. Taste the food and visit the places you learn about in Cucina Italiana (ITA235). You will cook, eat, and learn in an all-inclusive trip through Rome, Bologna, and Florence as you become ever more familiar with the history and cultural traditions of Italy.

  • Subjects Available at Host: Italian
  • Program Type: Study
  • Accepting Applications: Yes
  • Timeline: Fall Reading Week (October)
  • Country: Italy
  • City: Rome
  • Institution: NGO/Community based
  • Language of Study: English
  • Level of Study: Undergrad
  • Credit: Yes
  • Open to Programs at UofT:
  • Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to UofT
  • Program Fees: Program fees paid to UofT
  • Funding: UTM Abroad Bursaries, Residence Experience Bursaries
  • Eligibility Requirements: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th years. Minimum 1.5 CGPA. The international component of this course is open to students enrolled in an Italian course at the University of Toronto.