UTM Abroad Academic Experiences: China

An educational internship where students from the Education Studies Minor will spend approximately 3-4 weeks co-teaching at Chinese boarding schools in Mainland China. This internship is a minimum 100-hour experiential learning opportunity. The internship connects the student’s subject specialization to aspects of the teaching/training development profession. It will integrate, extend, and deepen the learning experience as students begin to identify particular academic or professional insights. Prior to enrollment, internship proposals must be approved by the program coordinator.

Subjects Available at Host: Education Studies

Program Type: Internship, Study

Accepting Applications: Yes

Timeline: Summer

Country: China

City: Shandong Province

Institution: Other educational institution

Language of Study: English

Level of Study: Undergrad

Credit: Yes

Open to Programs at UofT:

Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to UofT

Program Fees: Program fees paid to UofT

Funding: UTM Abroad Bursaries, Residence Experience Bursaries

Eligibility Requirements: 2nd, 3rd, 4th years. Minimum 1.5 CGPA. Must be enrolled in EDS388H5S to participate in international component. Recommended prep: EDS200H5|210H5|220H5|EDS300H5