Summer Research Exchange: University of Konstanz

Top-level research, excellence in teaching and studies, internationality and interdisciplinary collaboration have stood for the University of Konstanz since its foundation as a Reform University in 1966. This clear orientation soon led to a unique profile that is defined not only through high quality but also through innovation, creativity and a distinct zest for research. Students have participated in research programs in areas such as Human Biology, Cell and System Biology, and Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Pre-approved credits: The experience is only available through CSB397Y0 or PCL397Y0

Research projects: Department of Chemistry, Department of Biology. 

Housing: On-campus housing is not available, but the partner will assist in securing housing. Please visit the Welcome Center. 

Funding: Students applying to University of Konstanz for 12 weeks should also apply for Globalink Research Award. Successful GRA applicants will not be considered for $3000 CIE funding and IE Award because the GRA amount is greater of the two.

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Country(ies): Germany
City: Konstanz
Institution: University


Accepting Applications: No
Timeline: 12 weeks, May-August
Run By: CIE
For Credit: Yes

Deadlines: Summer Deadline: December 4, 2023


Language of Study: English
Level of Study: Undergrad
Subjects Available at Host: Arts and Science
Program Type: Research
Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to UofT
Program Fees: No fees
Funding: $3000 + Possibility of IE Award OR Globalink Research Award


Schools/Faculties: Arts and Science (St. George) Arts and Science (UTM) Arts and Science (UTSC)
Requirements: Minimum cGPA 2.5 and 2+ years of study completed