Summer Abroad: Georgia: Tblisi

This will be the third year of the University of Toronto’s Summer Program Abroad in Georgia. The Gadachrili Gora Regional Archaeological Project Expedition (GRAPE) is an international multidisciplinary research project investigating the emergence of farming economies in the South Caucasus and the influence of the Near East on the development of local Neolithic cultures and, conversely, the influence of Caucasia on the Near East. This program provides a unique opportunity to receive intensive training in archaeological field and survey methods at the sites of Gadachrili Gora and Shulaveris Gora.

NOTE: The Georgia Program will not be offered in 2022. Check the Summer Abroad website for further details.

  • Subjects Available at Host: Archeology
  • Program Type: Study
  • Accepting Applications: No
  • Timeline: Summer
  • Country: Georgia
  • City: Tbilisi
  • Institution: Other
  • Language of Study: English
  • Level of Study: Undergrad
  • Credit: Yes
  • Open to Programs at UofT: All
  • Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to Summer Abroad
  • Program Fees: Program fees paid to Summer Abroad
  • Funding: Summer Abroad Bursaries
  • Eligibility Requirements: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th years, minimum GPA: 1.75