Summer School: Copenhagen Business School

The Copenhagen Business School is one of the largest business schools in Europe and one of the 8 Danish universities. There are 40 courses covering a wide range of business, and students have taken courses in areas such as marketing, finance, corporate & business strategy, communication, statistics & mathematics, innovation & entrepreneurship, information systems, etc.


Credit equivalency: 5.0 U of T credits = 60 credits. Each ISUP course is worth 7.5 ECTS credits

The International Summer University Programme (ISUP) 

Housing: Available 



Subjects Available at Host: Business

Program Type: Study

Accepting Applications: No

Application Deadline: December 3, 2019

Timeline: 23 June - 24 July 2020

Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

Institution: University

Language of Study: English

Level of Study: Undergrad, Graduate

Credit: Yes

Open to Programs at UofT: Rotman Commerce, Rotman School of Management

Tuition & Incidentals: Paid to UofT

Program Fees: No program fees

Funding: IE Awards available

Eligibility Requirements: Minimum cGPA 2.25 (Undergraduate), B (Graduate)